Ultimately, my goal is to make a career change into programming professionally. Since getting accepted at Prime Digital Academy in February 2015, I’ve updated my goals to reflect the curriculum focus on JavaScript. How to Design Programs remains as a way to learn functional programming, which is an important part of JS.

My overall goals are:

  • post all exercises, projects, code to Github.
  • get more involved in the online community via CodeNewbies.org, /r/learnprogramming, StackOverflow, Twitter, etc.
  • blog as necessary to reinforce ideas, post solutions, etc.
  • spend at least 2 hours of focused study/learning time a day.
  • try to avoid being sidetracked by all the shiny things.

Specific goals:

Longer term:

  • learn emacs.
  • increase Linux knowledge.
  • Complete HarvardX’s CS50x by 31 December 2015.


  • Complete (finally!)MITx’s 6.00.1x. Starts 7 January 2015, and has hard completion date (est. around end of March). COMPLETED!

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