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First Login on Digital Ocean with FreeBSD

Although I’m a longtime Linode and (Slackware) Linux user, I finally decided to get around to trying Digital Ocean with a FreeBSD droplet.  The process was not as easy as advertised, but I was finally able to login!  That took some doing. … Continue reading

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Using Racket in Emacs on OSX

One of my long-term goals is to work my way through How to Design Programs using Racket, and I recently started the Intro to Systematic Program Design on Coursera, which uses both HtDP and Racket. Naturally I thought to myself, … Continue reading

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Getting Started with Emacs

The truth about #Emacs: Everything seems way too hard at first, then you use it for a while, then you can't live without it. — Mohit Thatte (@mohitthatte) March 21, 2015 I’ve been reading about, mucking around with, and generally … Continue reading

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Installing NVM, Node.js, and NPM on Yosemite

There are several ways to install Node.js on Yosemite: install the package from the Node.js site, install via brew install node, and install via nvm, the Node Version Manager. Naturally, I’ve decided to go with the least straightforward approach, which … Continue reading

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Building Emacs from Source on Yosemite

I just did a clean install of Yosemite. While reviewing my previous posts on getting up and running, I noticed some errors/missing information while following my own directions. I’ve edited those posts for clarity/omissions; however, my previous method of installing … Continue reading

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Configuring Apache and PHP on Yosemite

In order to get PHP working with Apache, I needed to add the following code to /usr/local/etc/apache2/2.4/httpd.conf: In the DirectoryIndex: In the LoadModules section: After restarting Apache, my test.php file was not displaying phpinfo() data, so I had to add … Continue reading

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Installing MariaDB and Updating PHP on Yosemite

Continuing from my previous post about updating Apache. Why MariaDB and not MySQL? See this interview with Michael Widenius, founder of both MySQL and MariaDB. O. Clean up borked MySQL install My first attempt to install MySQL via homebrew led … Continue reading

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Terminally Pretty

Fancyin’ up the ole iTerm2. Install Consolas font: brew install cabextract cd ~/Downloads mkdir consolas cd consolas curl -O cabextract PowerPointViewer.exe cabextract open CONSOLA*.TTF # press Install font. That is all. Thanks to Alexander Zhuravlev. 3. Install Solarized … Continue reading

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Updating Apache on MacOSX Yosemite

Why? I want to set up a local dev environment for localhosting WordPress, among other things, without installing MAMP. As of this writing, Yosemite 10.10 comes with the following software versions installed: Apache – 2.4.9; current: 2.4.10 MySQL/MariaDB: not installed; … Continue reading

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First Things after Clean Install of Yosemite

These are mostly notes to myself. The goal is to set up a basic Ruby on Rails development environment on MacOSX Yosemite. 1. Install Homebrew: [Homebrew did this automatically, but just in case: install Command Line Tools: xcode-select –install ] … Continue reading

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